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Knee Pain

Running knee painAt Brown Chiropractic Center, we see patients of all ages who come in with various types of knee injuries. These include anything from a chronic degenerative injury such as arthritis or spondylosis to acute traumatically induced injuries like sports injuries or falls, that can involve the soft tissue components in the knee (including ligaments, tendons and musculature surrounding the knee).

Knee pain also can be a symptom of sciatica which is a large group of nerves being irritated whether in the lower back or hips that run down the buttocks into the leg. Sciatica can sometimes manifest as knee pain or weakness.

While many people turn to painkillers or muscle relaxants or seek cortisone shots for osteoarthritis, we offer a natural alternative that often can help patients avoid surgery.

Our Natural Approach

Our goal is to help patients fix their knee injury before it requires surgery. While many people think chiropractic is just for back and neck pain, extremities such as knees are also treated routinely by chiropractors. We can correct the cause of the problem and eliminate the pain as it radiates down the leg.

Dr. Brown will examine your knee and provide adjustments to ensure the joint is properly aligned, which can put the knee in an optimal healing position.

In addition to chiropractic care, we offer cold laser therapy and ultrasound, both of which can relieve pain and promote healing.

How Chiropractic Can Help After Surgery

Chiropractic can be helpful post-surgery making sure the joints and the surrounding soft tissue are at maximum capacity and aligned where they’re supposed to be. After surgery, the gait of the patient is changed, often causing issues in other joints including the low back or hips as the body compensates to favor the limb that has had the surgery.

One of the primary benefits of chiropractic following surgery is it can help make sure the alignment and biomechanical function are the way they’re supposed to be in the associated joints.

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