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Knee Pain Relief in Greenville

Running knee painAt Brown Chiropractic Center, we see patients of all ages who come in with various types of knee injuries. These include anything from a chronic degenerative injury, such as arthritis or spondylosis, to acute, traumatically induced injuries, like sports injuries or falls. Issues can involve the soft tissue components in the knee, including muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as the joint itself.

In some cases, knee pain is a symptom of sciatica. The sciatic plexus is a large group of nerves in the lower back and hip. Nerve irritation here can cause pain that radiates down into the legs, sometimes resulting in knee pain.

The medical approach to knee pain generally includes pain medications, steroid injections or surgery. We offer a natural alternative that addresses the underlying cause of the pain and often helps patients avoid surgery.

Our Natural Approach

Our goal is to help patients fix their knee injury before surgery. Many people think chiropractors are just “back doctors.” The truth is, Dr. Brown has been providing chiropractic care for extremities—including knee pain and issues—for nearly forty years. He has the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your knee pain and correct it at its source.

At your first appointment, Dr. Brown will do a thorough examination to determine if your knee pain is in the knee itself or the result of another condition, such as sciatica. He will adjust the knee to ensure it is properly aligned, which puts it in an optimal healing position. Depending on your situation, he may also make other adjustments.

Your customized care plan may include soft tissue therapies, such as cold laser, e-stim or ultrasound, which help relieve pain and promote healing.

How Chiropractic May Help After Surgery

Sometimes knee surgery is the only option to repair torn ligaments or other types of injuries. If you’ve already had knee surgery, chiropractic can help heal and maximize your long-term mobility and function. Dr. Brown will ensure the joint and surrounding soft tissues are properly aligned, allowing optimal healing.

After surgery, the gait of the patient changes, and this can cause compensation injuries in other parts of the body. Keeping everything aligned and moving correctly helps ensure the best alignment and biomechanical function of the entire body, preventing these compensation issues from occurring.

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