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Meet Dr. Jeff Brown

Chiropractic Made Perfect Sense

Dr. Jeff Brown, Greenville ChiropractorDuring Dr. Brown’s undergraduate years, he played Big Ten football at the University of Wisconsin. An injury led him to the chiropractor’s office. After this experience, he changed his studies from veterinary medicine to chiropractic. “I wanted to have a hand in correcting people’s pain without using dangerous drugs or surgery.”

Caring for Our Community

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Brown attended Sherman College of Chiropractic. He graduated in 1985 and opened Brown Chiropractic Center the following year. In more than three decades, he has seen thousands of patients have phenomenal success from their care. “Seeing people get tremendous results from what we do is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced.”

To improve his skills, Dr. Brown continues his education with regular postgraduate classes.


Getting Our Sports-Focused Patients Relief

Many of our patients have wound up in our office due to sports-related pain or injuries. Read through our Google reviews and you’ll notice that many of our patients participate in similar activities as Dr. Brown. We see runners, weight lifters, yogis, cyclists, dirt bike riders, golfers, football, baseball, basketball and tennis players … we’ve seen them all.

Although exercise provides long-term health and happiness, occasionally it results in an injury that requires a trip to see a local chiropractor like Dr. Brown!

Dr Brown and wife biking on winter

Living an Active Lifestyle

Dr. Brown lives the lifestyle he recommends. A firm believer in the importance and power of exercise, he spends his spare time staying fit. Dr. Brown is a powerlifter, cyclist and mountain biker. He firmly believes that exercise and diet are the most important things you can do for your health.

It’s not just sports and cardiovascular exercise that keep Dr. Brown healthy. He’s also an outdoorsman. Fishing, hunting, hiking and running his small farm in Northern Greenville County all provide after-work fun and fresh air that he believes keeps a person’s body and mind healthy.

Sharing His Life’s Passions With His Wife

Dr. Brown shares most of his passions with his wife Danna, who he’s been married to since 1989. Dr. B. and Danna credit a love of spending time together enjoying outdoor sports as being one of the secrets of a long marriage.

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