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Scoliosis Care in Greenville

illustration of a spine overlaid on a woman's back

When you look at the body from the back, the spine should be a straight vertical line from head to hips. The human body contains twenty-four movable vertebrae that are all connected and should sit one on top of the other, forming a straight vertical line.

Scoliosis is a deviation of this normal vertical alignment of the spinal column. When something happens to cause a deviation in the way the bones fit in those joints, and they move laterally or rotationally, the straight line will develop a curve. This curvature of the spine is called scoliosis.

This type of deviation can be congenital, but many people born with a straight spine develop scoliosis later on. This may be due to repetitive motions, automobile accidents, sports or workplace injuries, or even falls.

How Our Expert Care May Help

Dr. Brown has been helping restore proper spinal alignment for patients with scoliosis for almost forty years. Our customized approach to care begins with a thorough examination and neurological and orthopedic assessments. Often, Dr. Brown will take X-rays using our state-of-the-art Rare Earth X-ray technology. Based on his findings, he will outline his recommendations for your care.

Typically, this will include chiropractic adjustments and other healing therapies. Because of the nature of misalignments found in scoliosis, the surrounding soft tissues are often affected. They may shorten, become tight, and hold the curvature in place. The resulting pain can be severe and radiate into the extremities, causing pain in the arms and legs. This situation makes soft tissue therapy especially important for patients suffering with scoliosis. Your care plan may include

  • Cold laser therapy
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • HVPGS (high-voltage pulsed galvanic stimulation)

Is Scoliosis Permanent?

The sooner you seek care for scoliosis, the better the outcomes are likely to be. The longer the muscles hold the spine in the deviated position, the more difficult it can be to correct. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible after any type of injury, so we can help your body heal correctly and prevent scoliosis from forming. Spending long hours at a computer can also contribute to scoliosis, so if you notice discomfort related to your work activities, don’t ignore it.

The earlier scoliosis is treated, the more effective chiropractic adjustments can be in curtailing further degeneration and improving the curvature and any associated painful symptoms. If left untreated, scoliosis can progress to the point where vital organs are compressed. At that point, surgery may become the only option.

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