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Arthritis Care in Greenville

wrist painArthritis can strike anyone—especially if prevention isn’t on your radar. If you engage in repetitive movements, you’re at risk of chronic pain. At Brown Chiropractic Center, we care for and help prevent all kinds of arthritis so you’re free of pain and free to pursue your passions.

Pain and Stiffness From Joint Injuries

Arthritis occurs when joint issues cause chronic pain and stiffness. It can wear down the surface of the bone, cause inflammation in ligaments and soft tissues, and irritate nerves.

There are many types, but osteoarthritis is the most common. It primarily comes from repetitive use injuries that aggravate the same joint over time. As cartilage thins, bones begin to rub against each other and become worn down due to friction.

The body can’t tell the difference between a broken bone and a damaged bone. It picks up on the injury and sends in calcium to heal what it thinks is a broken bone. The calcium collects on the surface of the bone and forms bone spurs, or osteophyte spondylosis. Bone spurs then cause even more pain and degeneration.

Careful Adjustments to Prevent Joint Issues

Chiropractic care helps keep joints healthy before wear and tear set in. If you’ve had a traumatic injury or you work a job that requires repetitive physical activity, it’s important to receive regular preventative care so you don’t have to worry about bone spurs forming.

Dr. Brown will carefully examine your bones and joints to check for any misalignments. Through precise adjustments and soft tissue work, he makes sure that bones stay in their proper position to avoid any stress on your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. By keeping the body aligned and functioning well, we help prevent degeneration and calcium buildup.

Managing and Relieving Pain

If you’ve already been diagnosed with arthritis, we can help manage your condition and prevent it from worsening. We’ll care for your bones, joints, and other structures to help relieve pain and keep you functioning at your best.

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