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About Brown Chiropractic Center

Brown Chiropractic Center was established in 1986, a year after Dr. Jeff Brown graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic. His interest in chiropractic began during college, when he suffered a knee injury playing football. The chiropractor gave him results without resorting to drugs or surgery, and Dr. Brown knew he wanted to help people in the same way.

Over the years, Dr. Brown has assisted thousands of patients. His gentle, effective chiropractic care is complemented by a full suite of additional therapies.

Getting to the Cause of Your Concerns

Are you in pain? Have you been in a car crash or work-related accident? We’re here to relieve your discomfort. Though your symptoms are important and we will alleviate them, we focus on finding the cause of your pain. Once located, we’ll know how best to address your problem.

Our thorough examination process is followed by a chiropractic adjustment utilizing our myriad of techniques. We can choose our method based on your preference and comfort level.

Your Trusted Pain Expert

Dr. Brown is the chiropractor’s chiropractor. Not only do other practitioners come to him, but those who haven’t gotten results elsewhere seek out his help. With his experience, we’ll be sure to find the solution best suited to you. Contact our chiropractic office today! We accept insurance and are in-network providers with many plans.
  • The best staff! Everyone was so nice.
    -Sheila M.
  • All the staff and Dr. Brown is very generous and awesome!
    -Tiffany L.
  • Very friendly and professional! Reasonable costs; will refer to others!
    -Linda L.
  • Pleasant and professional environment; very informative and welcoming.
    -Toney P.
  • Very impressed!
    -Julie M.

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Brown Chiropractic Center