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Traction at Brown Chiropractic Center

back and neck painTraction is a gentle stretching of either the neck or the back with a specifically designed table. Cervical and lumbar traction are used by Brown Chiropractic Center to decompress the joints and allow the nerves to relax and heal.

Cervical traction alleviates pain and pressure by gently decompressing the neck, creating expansion, and eliminating compression.

Lumbar traction removes nerve interference by distracting the segments around the nerve root to pull pressure off the nerves and decrease pressure and irritation on those segments. Lumbar traction helps to relieve nerve damage, pain, and neuralgia from conditions such as a disc protrusion (bulge) or a prolapse (herniation).

With this therapy, we can distract the disc back into the joint space, to where it’s supposed to be and take pressure off the nerves that are affected.

If you have tense or tight muscles, traction therapy can help relax those muscles and reduce muscle spasms. The therapy also can speed up the healing of ligaments and tendons.

Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction is a table with specially designed rollers that go up and down the spine providing a gentle traction separating each individual vertebrae and providing therapeutic relief and relaxation.

What Are Some Benefits?

When you lie down on the table, the gentle massaging action of the table provides you with these benefits:

Joint motion

As you lie relaxed, face-up on our table, rollers beneath the surface slow travel up and down your spine. This adds motion to each spinal segment, the key to restoring improved spinal function.

Improved circulation

The gentle stretching of supporting muscles and soft tissues increases oxygen and blood flow, critical for healing.

Muscle relaxation

When muscles relax and spasms subside, healing and the recovery process from a spinal injury can be accelerated.

Reduces swelling

Edema and fluid buildup often accompany new injuries. Motion to spinal joints decreases this protective mechanism and allows for better healing.

Disc hydration

Disc nutrition and healing are dependent on the circulation of fluids that surround each joint. Traction helps circulate these fluids, supplying nutrition and getting rid of cellular wastes.

Passive exercise

Similar to stretching before a workout, intersegmental traction helps restore elasticity to muscles that support the spine. This helps break up adhesions and scar tissue, making your chiropractic adjustments more effective.

Feels great

Traction feels good and is an important adjunctive treatment that enhances the benefits of your chiropractic care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?

Just 10-15 minutes.

Can I have this therapy before or after my chiropractic adjustment?


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