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TMJ Care in Greenville

radiating jaw painIf you feel pain in your jaw joint and surrounding area, you might be experiencing the signs of a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJD. Often referred to as “TMJ,” this disorder affects the muscles ligaments nerves and tendons that connect your upper and lower jaws.

When the articulation of the mandible into the skull is not exactly right, you can have aberrant motion in the jaw, like clicking, popping, and often pain, which can sometimes be severe.

As one of the top causes for facial pain, TMJD can cause discomfort when eating, speaking, yawning and even smiling. Not only can sufferers experience clicking sounds within the joint, but they may also have headaches caused by muscle tension resulting from misalignment.

What Are the Causes?

TMJ issues can come from many things, from an accident, fall, or even a problem chewing something and having an issue with a hard piece of food that causes the jaw to dislodge from normal juxtaposition. Sometimes dentistry will change the teeth articulation, which puts the jaw in a different position, which can also cause a problem in the TMJ joint.

Our Natural Approach

At Brown Chiropractic Center, we’ve had great success helping patients with TMJ issues. At your first appointment, Dr. Brown will do a thorough exam. Once he’s diagnosed that you have a TMJ problem, he can adjust or align the jaw to where it’s supposed to be, and advise you on how to try and keep it there.

Sometimes a dentist or chiropractor can use an appliance to hold the jaw in place by aligning the teeth when the appliance is in the mouth. It’s also important to chew on both sides of the mouth.

We also offer different PT modalities that will help the muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as the nerves of the jaw, heal properly and more expediently.

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