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Fibromyalgia Relief in Greenville

arms crossed in front of faceFibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects both supportive soft tissue and joints in the body. It affects an estimated 3-6% of the population worldwide, and is more common in women than men. Those who experience this disorder can have issues with tightness, pain, and aberrant motion of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves surrounding a joint.

People with fibromyalgia not only experience widespread musculoskeletal pain, but also fatigue, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, depression, and anxiety, all of which can lead to a decrease in quality of life.

What Causes It?

The cause of this condition is unknown, but there are many theories, including genetics, infections, trauma, stressors, hormones, and others. No single test can diagnose fibromyalgia, so diagnosis must be based on clinical history and physical examination findings.

Our Successful Multi-Pronged Approach

At Brown Chiropractic Center, we’ve helped many patients who have been sidelined by fibromyalgia. At your initial appointment, Dr. Brown will conduct a thorough exam. Next, he’ll use chiropractic care to ensure that the joints in question are properly aligned. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can provide significant relief from the discomfort associated with this disorder, as well as improved quality of life.

Your customized care plan will also include PT modalities, such as high voltage galvanism (HVG). The treatment method uses electrical stimulation to reduce discomfort associated with fibromyalgia. HVG works by sending an electrical current directly into the affected area, which helps relax the muscles and block pain signals from reaching the brain.

This technique has been used for decades to effectively treat various types of chronic pain, including neuropathic pain caused by fibromyalgia. It may also help improve joint mobility and reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Muscle stim is another therapy that can address this condition. This therapy helps free up the tissue surrounding the joints, reduces the stiffness and pain associated with it, and could help reduce irritation and help the soft tissue heal correctly.

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