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Neck Pain Care in Greenville

Woman sitting at her laptop with neck painWhen people think of chiropractors, they often think of neck pain. And that is one of the most common conditions that brings patients to Brown Chiropractic Center. From the famous “crick” in the neck to sleeping wrong, sports injuries to “tech neck,” the neck is vulnerable to various issues that can lead to pain, stiffness and dysfunction. Add in the effects of car accidents—even minor fender benders—and the cervical spine can sustain damage that causes problems for years to come.

If your pain is in your shoulders, arms or head, the underlying cause may still be in the neck. Because so many nerves travel through the neck, an injury or misalignment here can cause symptoms anywhere in the body.

Experience and Expertise

Patients have trusted Dr. Brown to accurately diagnose and correct the underlying cause of their neck pain for almost forty years. Our in-depth examination includes neurological and orthopedic assessments and Rare Earth X-rays, if necessary. These allow us to determine whether your neck pain symptoms are the result of a traumatic injury, repetitive use or “tech neck.”

Whatever the cause, Dr. Brown will develop an individualized care plan to address the cause of the problem, restore mobility and function, and strengthen the area to help prevent future issues. Your care plan may include

As a person who keeps active, Dr. Brown is passionate about the importance of exercise to keep the spine strong and stable. Once your neck pain has subsided and your spine is “holding” adjustments well, he may incorporate rehab exercises into your care plan.

A Warning About Tech Neck

We see many young people with neck injuries not caused by trauma, but by looking down at their phone. Dr. Brown encourages kids (and parents!) not to look down at their devices all the time. The changes to the spine caused by tech neck are serious and long-term—but they can be prevented.

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