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Neck Pain Care

Woman sitting at her laptop with neck painOne of the most common issues for which patients seek our care is neck pain. Neck problems can be the result of poor sleeping habits, falls, injuries or repetitive work situations where someone is holding their head, shoulders or arm in an unusual position for a prolonged length of time. That will cause injury to the cervical spine.

Auto accidents also cause cervical spine injuries. Even something that seems harmless like constantly checking your phone with your neck flexed down and head looking down can cause neck pain. So can reading or watching TV where your neck is facing an unusual angle and not straight forward.

All those repetitive actions can cause issues with the cervical spine and create neck problems as well as headaches.

Discomfort That Extends Beyond the Neck

Some neck issues also will cause shoulder and arm pain. The three main nerve roots that exit the spine to go down the arms (the radial, ulnar and median nerves) come from the base of the cervical spine in the bottom of the neck. If there’s an injury there oftentimes people will feel a numbness or a pain or even a lack of motor ability in the arm and hand if the injury is severe enough.

In Dr. Brown‘s many years in practice we can always determine a type of cervical spine injury that would have been traumatically induced from a fall, car accident or a sports injury.

Tech Neck

Given how much time people spend on their digital devices, we see many young people presenting with the same type of neck issue with no evidence of any type of trauma. There’s actually a term for this modern-day malady: tech neck.

“The X-rays of patients who are constantly holding their head down to look at the phone sometimes look as bad as those who’ve had traumatically induced injuries,” said Dr. Brown.

He encourages parents to make sure their kids aren’t looking down at their phones all the time. It’s a good idea to figure out a better way for them not to be on the phone as much or have their head looking more straight ahead with the phone or computer at a different angle. “I want patients to be aware that constantly looking down all the time can cause a chronic neck injury, but it’s preventable,” added Dr. Brown.

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