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The Auto Accident You May Be Able to Avoid

family laughing in carAs a chiropractor in Greenville, I see dozens of patients every year who have been injured in auto accidents. The most common accident that my patients have fallen victim to is a rear-end collision. Unfortunately, these accidents aren’t usually avoidable. But, there’s another kind of accident my patients tell me about with surprising frequency.

Can you guess?

Negotiate Those Left Turns Safely

Imagine you’re trying to turn left. You’re in the turning lane, the light is green and you’re waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. The light turns yellow and there’s only one car coming-and they have plenty of time to stop. Just as you turn, that car speeds up to beat the light and slams into your passenger door.

I’m guessing I hear some version of this story at least once a month. Although still not 100% avoidable, just being cognizant of the danger can help you negotiate that left turn safely. Don’t take it for granted that the oncoming car sees you, sees the light change to yellow, or even cares that the light is about to change.

While you can’t assume the other car won’t speed up, you can make sure that you get on the gas and get through the intersection-and out of harm’s way-as quickly as you can. Be cognizant of the danger, and when in doubt, just don’t pull out.

Chiropractic Can Help You Heal

I hope this tip helps you avoid seeing me professionally one day. If you do become involved in an auto accident, please contact our practice as soon as possible. We want to get you out of pain and on the path to recovery.

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