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The Importance of Auto Accident Injury Care

Whether your car accident was a minor fender bender or something more serious, both can effect your nervous system in a life-changing way—and not for the better.

At our Greenville chiropractic practice, we aim to help patients of all ages restore their health after a car accident. Even if you feel fine after a crash, chances are a spinal alignment could help you. Discover why below!

Did You Know?

When your spine is injured or you’re dealing with whiplash, symptoms don’t always show right away. In fact, it can take days, weeks, months—and even years—for you to begin to experience pain. As inflammation slowly builds in the body due to misalignments, muscles become tighter and joints stiffer. If you only visit the emergency room after an accident and aren’t bleeding, they’re likely to send you on your way without diving deep to uncover what could be going on inside of you.

Ultimately, pain will begin. Common areas affected from car accidents include neck problems, headaches, and low back pain among others.

We Can Help

We have years of experience helping patients just like yourself get back to their lives after a car accident. We can even help you get your care covered by insurance without having to pay up front or out of pocket.

Ready to give our practice a visit and get your spine checked? We’d love to see you in our practice soon. If you or someone you know could use our help after a car accident, please, contact us today for an appointment.

We look forward to getting your health back on track.

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