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Put Pain to Bed so You Can Sleep Soundly

woman sleeping peacefully on blue beddingSleep is a vital part of good health, and yet many of us aren’t getting enough of it. If you’re struggling to get the rest you need, then pain could be the root cause that keeps you tossing and turning. Sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable when you have neck or back discomfort at night. And if that pain wakes you up, often it’s difficult to get back to sleep and have a restorative, uninterrupted rest because of those nagging aches.

The Importance of Deep Sleep

Slumber is necessary for healing because it helps the body restore itself. During sleep, our bodies produce hormones and proteins that help reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair. In particular, it’s important to get as much of the deepest type of slumber, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, as possible. This type of sleep, which is most often associated with dreaming, is important for learning and memory.

How Chiropractic Can Help

The main purpose of chiropractic is to fix the issues that cause pain, specifically neck, and back discomfort. We can also provide recommendations for the best sleep positions, and sometimes the ideal type of pillow that can help a patient get a better night’s rest without disruption.

Other Helpful Therapies

Besides chiropractic care, we offer other modalities at the practice to help ease discomfort and help people get a better night’s rest. Several types of therapies and equipment are used to help treat the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to help them relax, heal faster and be less pain expressive.

In addition, eating anti-inflammatory foods, adding certain herbs and supplements to your diet, stretching, and engaging in gentle exercises may help reduce inflammation in your body, providing a much-needed respite from pain.

If pain keeps you from getting the sound slumber you need to heal, give your local Greenville chiropractor a call today at (864) 271-0001.

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