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Prep Your Body for Exploring the Best of Greenville

tricep stretchIn recent years, Greenville has accumulated a bevy of accolades, making our small city a fantastic place to live, work and explore! One of the best ways to check out our town is by walking downtown. Because downtown Greenville can be quite hilly and certain areas are a little more of a challenge, it’s important to be in good shape cardiovascularly and ensure your joints are up for the challenge.

Get a Spinal Tune-up

“It’s always good to check the integrity of the body to avoid neuromuscular injuries and to ensure joints are in the shape they should be if you want to take on the challenges of downtown activities,” said Dr. Brown.

As a chiropractor, he can check and tune up any biomechanical injuries, such as joint problems in the neck, back, or arms and legs, to ensure you’re ready to take on the challenges of extended outdoor physical activity.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Though we’re in the Upstate, Greenville can still get quite hot in the summer. Make sure you stay well-hydrated when you’re exploring.

Take Time to Stretch

Stretching before you walk helps reduce the chance of injury, increase your performance during your walk, and decrease any muscle soreness following your walk.

Check Out These Fun Activities

There is no shortage of family-friendly activities to keep residents and visitors of Greenville engaged all year long. Here are some examples

Mice on Main: the Scavenger Hunt

There are nine bronze mice along Main Street. Your kids can use the clues to hunt for each mouse!

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice

Upcountry History Museum is featuring the interactive exhibit Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice until January 29, 2023. The exhibit is the first child-centered exhibit in the nation dedicated to expanding the understanding of dinosaurs and their habitats.

West End Walking Tour

This tour begins at the birthplace of Greenville-Falls Park. Some highlights include ruins of an 1816 grist mill built by the “Father of Greenville,” Vardry McBee; the 1882 Huguenot Mill; and the 1857 Gower, Cox and Markley Carriage factory building, once the largest carriage company in the South.

If you’re due for a spinal tune-up, contact your local Greenville, SC for over 3 decades, Brown Chiropractic Center today! We want to help you stay in great shape, so you can enjoy all that beautiful Greenville has to offer!

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