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How to Avoid Injury in Construction Areas

Keeping your eyes on the road and off distractions can help keep you safe. Find out more.

Man with sore neck from accidentOrange cones, work zone safety signs, traffic slowing to a crawl. In this area, there’s constant flux due to the fast growth of the Upstate area. You likely encounter constant construction on all the roads. That means you have to pay much more attention to what’s going on, the change in speed, vehicle obstacles, as well as construction obstacles.

For over 3 decades, we’ve been your Greenville chiropractor and can help after an accident, but we hope that doesn’t happen. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while driving.

Don’t Get Distracted

When approaching construction, there’s always distraction, as you’re looking at several things going on. That can take your mind away from something else, and you might have to stop abruptly and contact another vehicle.

If you struck another vehicle going forward, it would be a hyperflexion, hyperextension type of injury where the head jerks forward and back. The weight of the head is not meant to be put in a situation like a car accident, because the neck isn’t strong enough to support the head and neck, in that kind of injury.

If you’re stopped and struck from behind or the side by another vehicle, that would be more of a hyperextension hyperflexion or even hyperlateral flexion extension type of injury. The weight of the head would cause irritation to the vertebrae in the neck part of the spine, and sometimes into the upper back and lower back.

Be Vigilant

It’s important to stay constantly vigilant when driving in construction. Doing so could help avoid accidents and hopefully help avoid injuries from that kind of situation where you were not expecting something, were distracted or couldn’t follow all the obstacles going on, and you end up with a vehicular accident.

Correct hand positioning on the steering wheel is also important. The 10 and 2 hands position is probably the best. Just make sure your seat is up in a position where you’re not reaching too far for the steering wheel. And ensure your legs aren’t too extended for the pedals to irritate your heck and back.

It also always bears repeating that you should never text and drive. Pay attention to the road conditions in construction areas, not your phone. It’s a good idea to put your phone away when driving or put it on “Do not disturb while driving.”


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