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How Chiropractic Can Keep Your Golf Game Swinging

person holding a golf clubThough golf is a year-round sport here in South Carolina, many golfers experience injury due to being sedentary during the winter months. The most common injuries Dr. Brown sees in his patients who golf are neck, low back, and hip injuries. These are common in golfers due to the twisting and follow-through motions involved in the swing.

“A lot of these sports are unilateral, where you’re always twisting the body in the same direction. That action puts an abnormal amount of stress on the soft tissues and joints of the body, as you’re always turning the same way,” says  your local Greenville chiropractor, Dr. Brown. That’s particularly the case when swinging a club at a ball with some power and velocity. The body will sooner or later react to that constant repetitive movement in the same direction.

Warm up Both Sides of the Body

If you notice, all pro golfers will swing a club opposite-handed to try and warm up both sides of the body and both sides of the arms and legs. Before they go out on the course or even between holes, they warm up so they keep the body even and balanced.

While you don’t have to hit balls ambidextrously, it’s good to go through the same motions in both directions to warm up and put the same kind of stress on both sides of the body. Otherwise, you’re constantly aggressively twisting the same way, and that sooner or later will cause an injury from it.

3 Benefits of Chiropractic for Golfers

Here are some of the top ways chiropractic care can help golfers:

Reduces pain

Back injuries can be extremely painful, and many people take OTC pain medications to get relief. Chiropractic addresses the source of the pain, not just the symptoms. Best of all, it’s completely natural with no side effects.

Promotes faster healing

Injuries to the back or neck can heal faster when chiropractors treat them than on their own. An experienced chiropractor can adjust the spine, and also address the joints and surrounding tissue that can cause pain and hamper healing.

Increases mobility

Golfers know how critical mobility is when it comes to playing a good golf game. Sports chiropractic care can address stiff joints and improve range of motion, so golfers can play at their best level.

The Value of Regular Care

By getting chiropractic adjustments regularly, you can help prevent injuries in the first place. Periodic spinal adjustments keep the body functioning optimally, and reduce the chances of being injured.

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